Q: How much does it cost?

A: Monthly boxes are $30 and ZonkdLite is $15. Both with FREE SHIPPING!

Q: What is included in the Activity Boxes?

A: Monthly boxes come with 4 activities and ZonkdLite comes with 2 activities. A snack, instruction sheet, and lesson come with each project as well.

Q: When are the boxes shipped?

A: Boxes are shipped within 3 days of order and then monthly on the 5th.

Q: How can I cancel my subscription?

A: You can easily pause or cancel your subscription simply by logging into your account or by contacting us at askus@zonkdbox.com.

Q: What age group is best for this subscription box?

A: The Zonkdbox is gender neutral and is best for ages 3-12. Younger kids will need some help from an adult.


For additional questions, please email AskUs@ZonkdBox.com.